My top 5 recommendations for a CEO

I have noticed that people still struggle to define what exactly is meant by reputation. Well, it is not simply what people think about a person or a product when they hear a name or see a picture. Reputation can be explained as an important personal or company stock.

Undoubtedly, a good reputation has the power to sell a product, attract the best employees to an organisation and enhance corporate credibility. Moreover, good reputation can go a long way towards helping to defuse crisis situations as and when they arise.

When I had to choose a topic for my dissertation, I made an instant decision on what to focus on. I am always fascinated by the power of reputations as personal and company images combine and merge global leaders, heads of public sector organisations and CEOs. The impact they have on the business environment is amazing. If you are still wondering whether it does matter at all – I believe just a glance through today’s newspapers will prove my point. Every day, thousands of managers are using any available tool to show how great they are in order to increase their credibility.

Therefore, I wonder why there are still CEOs out there who do not want to engage with their audiences.


My top 5 reminders for a CEO:

  1. Your role as a CEO is no longer just about leadership anymore, the role has expanded into holding a company together, keep it on the right track and regularly communicate with your internal and external publics.
  2. Be as transparent as possible. It is the best way to build trust among stakeholders.
  3. Start to listen to the person responsible for communications within your organisation and if you do not have one – well, hire an able communicator immediately! In times of crisis, it is an absolute must to seek advice from a lawyer while also acting on the guidance offered by the person in charge of PR. The above may come as a surprise to you, but here is the explanation of it – The lawyer is responsible for any potential legal action. However, the PR person is responsible for the very important court of public opinion, which can be as dangerous as any court of law.
  4. How much time do you spend communicating? – Increase it! However, you do not need to spend all day communicating, there are professionals who will help you with that but you need to be the face of corporate communications.
  5. Be open to social media – it is actually a great way to build trust among your stakeholders!