The pros and cons of Facebook advertising 2018

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You may have noticed within the last year that the organic reach of your marketing campaigns and your target audience throughout Facebook has decreased dramatically. More creative ways are needed to reach these audiences and remind them about your business. Facebook adverts have the potential to serve as an essential tool for your communication campaigns.

Here are a few positives and negatives related to paid adverts in Facebook. It is worth considering these points as part of your communications strategy.


  • Facebook has a global 2.23 billion users according to the latest statistics.
  • Facebook allows you to target people specifically based on their age, gender, location, interests and connections.
  • Additionally, this is great way of measuring your results using the analytics directly from the social media platform – which is easy and accurate. You can track the type of reach from you audience, whether it is organic or paid. Using this method, you can develop the advertising into a comparative (A/B testing) process in terms of finding what works best for your campaign.
  • The crucial benefit Facebook has is the cost of advertising. The large amount of people that could be reached for as little as £20 is something that will amaze you. The required budget for advertising starts from £1 per day.


  • As Facebook is a social network, it cannot be successfully used for B2B, unless you are reaching small business owners. However, it could be a highly successful tool for B2C.
  • There is a limited number of characters that can be used in the advert- up to 90.
  • The conversion rate might be low- your advert might be seen by fake profiles.
  • It is hard to stand out amongst the rest of businesses who are also using Facebook ads as it is highly competitive.

From my personal experience I can state that Facebook advertising is worth using as a part of multichannel campaign as long as your business is B2C or you are dealing with small businesses. However, you have to consider your goals and what you wish to achieve from the campaign. Setting up goals and objectives helps figuring out the right strategies for advertising. Then, you need to think about which platform will be the best for your business, considering also your target audience. For example, if your business is dependent on creating eye catching photographs (small businesses such as photographers, beauty salon owners, restaurants), then probably you will be more successful in using Instagram as a prioritised social media.

Thank you for reading my blog!