Welcome to my blog! Here I will share some insights with you about PR, Marketing and Communications fields.

IMG_2315Hello everyone! I am Antoniya Stoycheva (I know it’s tricky to pronounce my last name, so I won’t be offended if you get it wrong!). I am a content creator, amateur photographer, traveller and an occasional blogger with a master’s degree in International PR and Global Communications Management. My passions are digital marketing, CEO reputation, event management, black and white photography (I have a lot more, but those are the major ones).

Although I now live and work in South Wales, I am originally from Bulgaria. Growing up in this part of Europe and experiencing a range of different cultures made me very interested in different perspectives and made me realise how interesting the world is. The other advantage of spending my early years in a country with so much natural variety (mountains, rivers, lakes and the sea, just like Wales!), developed my passion for photography. I loved my travels around Europe learning Spanish and French. It also made me feel more European than Bulgarian.

I was raised in a family of small business owners. This had its advantages. For instance, even before I turned 18, I was very confident in selling and promoting products and services. Without being pushy, I could easily sell you something even if you don’t even need it! This is something I learnt directly from my parents and grandparents. My mum still runs a shop as a florist in my hometown. So it was while helping my family that my passion for PR and marketing developed and convinced me to pursue my Bachelor and Master’s degrees with the aim of helping businesses to stand out.

As a recent graduate from Cardiff University, I am currently looking to develop my portfolio. I am able to create short videos with impact, offer photographic services, write promotional blogs, manage your business social media accounts, develop your website or help you organise an event. Shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you!

When I am not in front of my laptop, in my lovely garden or at an independent coffee shop, I can easily be found at my nearest fitness club doing Yoga/Pilates or at the park rollerblading.

I love dogs almost as much as I love humans. However, due to having a cat lover fiancé at home, pets are banned.

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